About Us

We create brands with a successful name, while defining quality, and establishing a strong identity.

Our staff of strong, goal oriented individuals will guide you through all your marketing needs. We are dedicated to providing sound marketing advice and ideas to grow your business beyond your expectations.

During the logo development process, many variables need to be taken into consideration. Aside from creating a logo that defines what your company stands for, we can create logo guidelines that help to make your logo manageable and usable across all Medias, keeping your corporate identity consistent.


About Humming Bird: (why we chose Hummingbird as our logo)


Hummingbird is a very small and colorful bird that flaps its wings @ 80 times for every second. It hums as it flies with an ability to fly left, right, up, down, backwards or even upside down. It can form figure-8 with its wings. Most significant aspect is a hummingbird can communicate with the help of visual displays. It drives away hawks from its territory flying in a group.

As a bird watches its presence across the sky within a group demonstrating its dynamism and caliber to fly without any prey, our motive and objective is to work like most beautifully designed hummingbird and provide services with perfection in brand management.